Custom Warhammer 40K Army Brought to Life With LEGO


LEGO builder Kosmos Santosa has produced a collection of custom designed Warhammmer 40K units inspired by the popular tabletop game.

Warhammer 40K is one of the most famous and complex tabletop games there is. That being the case, it’s understandably served as the fodder for some fairly brilliant tributes over the years. Not surprisingly, some of the most impressive have come from the world of LEGO. Take the work of Kosmas Santosa. A graphic designer and LEGO builder from Indonesia, he recently released a gallery of images showcasing his collection of custom LEGO builds inspired by Warhammer 40K and its universe.

Dubbed “Warhammer 50k,” Santosa’s build is comprised of units that he designed himself after being introduced to 40K by a friend. His “reimagined” set includes a variety of soldiers and vehicles, including his own personal take on the space marine, mech suits, some nifty looking tanks and even some orc baddies for them to fight against. Santosa built his Warhammer army as a submission for Iron Builder, a competition hosted by the private LEGO community the Builder’s Lounge. This will be Santosa’s twenty-fourth submission to the competition and, according to Santosa himself, it took longer to plan and build than any he’s done previously.

More than anything, Santosa’s build, in our opinion, drives home just how much we need LEGO to produce some official Warhammer 40K construction sets. After all, if the KRE-O guys can land Dungeons & Dragons, why can’t LEGO work something out with Games Workshop to give us official sets so that the rest of us untalented rubes can have LEGO brick space marines rocking around our houses?

Source: Kosmos Santosa

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