A manga masterwork from the creators of Lone Wolf and Cub!

imageDark Horse Comics has announced plans to publish Samurai Executioner, the precursor series to the legendary ronin saga Lone Wolf and Club. Coming from the same award-winning creative team of Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima, Samurai Executioner will be released as a ten volume series scheduled to begin in June 2004.

Before Koike and Kojima created the unforgettable Lone Wolf and Cub character Itto Ogami, they brought to life Kubikiri Asa, better known to Lone Wolf and Cub readers as Decapitator Asaemon. In the Lone Wolf and Cub series, Decapitator Asaemon, equal in ability to Itto, was known as the bearer of the sword Onibocho and was the man in charge of testing weapons for the shogun. The Samurai Executioner series is based on the Decapitator, chronicling his life before his fateful duel with Lone Wolf.

“For the past fifteen years Dark Horse Comics has been a leader in bringing the highest quality manga to the world,” commented Dark Horse President Mike Richardson. “We are proud to present another masterwork from the creators of the greatest manga saga ever, Lone Wolf and Cub. Fans of that series, and fans of manga in general, will revel in this early work from Koike and Kojima.”

Lone Wolf and Cub is a 28 volume series of trade paperbacks and was released in the U.S. for the first time in its entirety by Dark Horse Comics. The series was a smash hit both with manga fans and comics fans in general and set the standard for the presentation of this type of work.

imageSamurai Executioner features the same legendary drama, frantic action, stoic samurai stature, exemplary art, and storytelling that made Lone Wolf and Cub one of the most popular and influential comic books in history!

Samurai Executioner by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima is a ten volume series scheduled to arrive June 2004. It will be presented in the Lone Wolf and Cub 4 x 6 format with a similar price point expected. Please check darkhorse.com for updates.

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