Tucci Severely Injures Finger

Delays Shipping of Shi Ju-Nen #1

Last month, southpaw Billy Tucci received 13 stitches after severely cutting his left index finger in a household accident delaying the much-anticipated April arrival of Shi- Ju-Nen #1.

“Believe it or not, I cut my finger when I snapped off a porcelain doorknob” The creator stated. “When I saw my finger flapping around like that, I thought my career was over.”

Because of the severity of the cut and the nerve damage, Billy had to keep the finger completely immobilized for almost a month, an act that obviously kept him away from the drawing board.

Billy’s Shi Editor David Land made light of the incident stating that “Some folks will go through anything to get a deadline extension!” But rest assured Dark Horse fans, Billy has since returned to his penciling duties and is finishing up the book which is now planned to ship in May.

The four issue mini series full color Shi Ju-Nen #1 will continue shipping on a bi-monthly schedule concluding this October.

For more information please contact us via www.darkhorse.com and www.williamtucci.com

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