Lyon, France developer Arkane Studios announces the opening of a co-development office in North America. Both studios to complete Source-powered first-person-shooter-with-swords Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

Raphael Colantonio, the company’s CEO and Creative Director believes that collaboration between Europe and America is a necessary step for his company to continue its strategy “to always make better games.”

He chose Austin, Texas because of many advantages, including “a great game developer community with very talented individuals and a solid online expertise.”

Richard Garriott, also in Austin, comments: “I am excited to see great developers coming to Austin. Arkane Studios will be a great addition to the Austin game creation talent base.”

The creator of Ultima adds, “I am personally a big fan of their last work Arx Fatalis and their upcoming Dark Messiah release! I wish them the best here in Austin.”

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