We’re back on track with a new exclusive update from Tasos Flambouras and the Aventurine SA crew. This week, Tasos tells us a bit about the delay, what’s been going on over in Greece and gives us a rare gameplay video of the Aerdin Cat, the Mirdain mount.

Darkfall Developer Journal #11: Aerdin Cat Video
Written by Tasos Flambouras (Ass. Producer, Darkfall)

It was nice that DF Warcry took the blame for the lack of update last week but it’s our fault as well. We had to travel on business which took longer than expected, and then E3 got in the way so we all got behind and lost track, and here we are, minus a couple of journals. We might also have to take a break from the journal on August 15th but I’ll try to plan for it if possible.

Since our last status update, there is not much to report: we’ve been fighting to meet our milestones, we’ve been adding content, and we’ve been testing. The beta build is essentially a release version functionality-wise so there are numerous things to go over.

There have been some updates to the website and now all races except for the humans are updated. They’re next when we get a chance. I was going to add a couple of screenshots, but Henning took the time to put together a short video featuring the Mirdain mount, the Aerdin Cat, which you can view here:

Editor’s note: Here is the video through our embedded Flash player, but please keep in mind this players at a greatly reduced quality. To show off things like the dynamic shadows, please download from the link below the player.

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