– The Art department is wrapping up Elven architecture next week. When that’s done, all player character architecture will be complete.
– Player character models are undergoing polycount optimization which is scheduled to be finished next week. Claus and Henning will prepare something on the player character models and they will be presented to the community.
– The armor and clothing system has been worked out in such a way to be as flexible as possible while preserving racial identity.
– The terrain is still being optimized and we have hired more contractors to help with this task while our artists continue creating extreme terrain features and unique locations that players can discover and use.
– We’re creating even more monster architecture, as well as more props to be added to the monster spawn areas. Along with the spawn area specification we talked about earlier, spawns and adventure areas will have more of a unique dungeon-like feel about them, rather than simply working as a repetitive recycling point for monsters.
– We now have over 100 unique monster types fully completed, giving us several hundred different monsters available for the game at launch.

– The worldbuilders are finished with the Dwarven areas and have moved into the wasteland continent. They’ve also been getting a steady stream of new art to add to the game, and they’ve been very busy incorporating all this into the world.
– More dungeons and dungeon types have been added since the last update. As with everything else we’re going for great variety and we have already built dungeons based on caves, mines, tunnels, sewers, temples, pyramids, towers, catacombs, and various combinations.
– Most of the sounds we need for launch are now done.
– We have started working on a reporting-feedback system to help chronicle the ongoing player-driven history per world.
– The preparations for community playtesting have already started on our end. We’ll start a short registration and selection process soon. Findings from our new build will determine when the playtesting will begin.

Our next status update will be after our new build is up. We will also start showing more of the game to the community and we’ll open up more involvement, feedback, and participation options for those who are interested.

The Darkfall Team

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