Darkfall WarCry Weekly… Debate? – One Char or Race per Server?

The subject has been one of continued debate over the years. It has raged up from time to time, and you will find passionate proponents for just about every angle imaginable, arguing their case.

This week, there are but two sides to primarily consider.

– One Character, per Server.
– One Race, Multiple Characters, per Server.

Read on, for further information, including the opinion of the Developers.

Or perhaps one should say, the ‘Current’ opinion of the developers. What is desired to come from this, is a mature, civilised debate, a forum where people may express their ideas and thoughts around the options presented here to argue their case.

“While we believe that Darkfall’s skill system ensures never having to reroll a character, meaning that one character slot per world is enough, we would like to know what the Darkfall community thinks. We invite a civilized and constructive debate on the topic.”
-The Darkfall Team

So. With that in mind, it’s time to gather your thoughts together on the subject, consider the points you would like to make, for or against these options, and post them for the Darkfall Team to consider.

Need more food for thought before posting? Two articles in particular stand out for this purpose:

RPG Vault: Darkfall Peek #24 – Darkfall’s Skill System
RPG Vault: Darkfall Peek #28 – Darkfall’s Dynamics of Conflict

The debate itself will be held on the Official Darkfall Forums, you can jump straight to the thread itself by clicking the ‘Discuss’ link below.

In addition to this, we will also be running a poll for you to vote in here. It is a simple affair, with but two options, created to easily and at a glance give an idea of the stance of the community at this time.


— Check back here as the debate progresses, Key Posts from the debate will be reposted here, with author’s permission of course. —

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