Hi there all, unfortunately the Darkfall update for this week has been delayed a few days. We should have it up and ready for you come Tuesday. However, thanks to Ismini “Atari” Roby of WomenGamers.Com you wont be left completely empty handed this week.

Ismini – the Chief Editor – was lucky enough to be able to visit the Darkfall team at their offices in Athens, Greece.

Quote from Article:

When I asked how far along they were with their game, they seemed pretty confident that the engine was almost ready. “We’re spending a lot of our efforts tuning the graphics and art assets right now,” explained Flambournas.

Read the full article: Here!

Update: Yes, originally it was going to be Monday. Sadly, this was not possible either, and we have a new scheduled day of Tuesday. Apologies on the delays, we’ll have it to you as soon as possible!

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