imageThis week we bring you something akin to the ‘Did you know…?’ box above. Only this time, we cheated a lil. Cos we know for a fact you don’t know. Because the information is new. And, contrary to something we have been told before.

Ping. Latency. Lag. All historically factors in the removal of features from the realm of the ‘plausible’ when it came to MMOs. It has been much too long now, that they have been taking, taking, taking, never giving.

Starting with the Darkfall Dev Team, the war has begun to image become less of a one sided pounding affair, and more like an actual battle with two comparable sides.

We’ve known for a while that Darkfall intends to give us a very FPS like experience, with aimed spells, arrows, and even controlled melee combat. But it turns out there is more.

In addition to this style of combat, the offensive side of things.. We now get the defensive arm too. Previously cast aside as something impossible to manage and handle well in such an environment, told that manual blocking would not be able to pass imagemuster..

As of now, it has. It is in. Manual blocking is functioning within Darkfall. Not only will you have complete control over your attacks, but now over your defences also.

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