This week we are pleased to bring you two new screenshots from the Darkfall Online Team of the as yet unseen Dragon Armor. These shots really go to show the attention to detail given to the models, and how visible this detail is even within the DarkFall Online engine! The sword is no less impressive than the armor, I might add!

In case you’re wondering, it is a human modelling the armor for us in this instance.

So if there was any doubt to whether you could wander the world of Agon in style.. Feel free to put that concern to rest now. Here is a sample of what you may expect!

Late Addition: Mordhak from the Official Darkfall Forums appears to have correctly identified the sword in these screenshots as the Human signature weapon, The Lightbringer! Well done Mordhak, after checking the reference image again, which you can find on RPG Vault, DarkFall Peek #17 it certainly seems to match.



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