Hi there all, this week we bring you a look into the various types of Metal Golem, the magical constructs tasked solely with keeping people like you away from the valuable property of the spellcasters whom constructed them!

Also, it is of some note that the devs have hit another point in the cycle where it’s time to really put nose to the grindstone and beat down the next landmark point. As such, the weekly updates with new information are rather taxing and break the flow of the general work being done.

Does this mean the updates are over? Not necessarily, but there will likely be some changes. There will be further word from the Devs on their current workloads, and further information on the shape of updates to come in the near future.

For now though, read on to find more about these ‘Giants of Metal’ in Darkfall!


Giants of Metal

Big, lumbering constructs with enough magic-fuelled strength to compensate for their towering stupidity. Metal Golems are the ultimate guardians, and they’re usually found in dungeons or near entrances, protecting the property of the spellcasters who made them.

Metal Golems prefer to close in on intruders as quickly as possible, before pounding them into submission using outsized, metal-clad fists. They are fairly slow, however, and sometimes resort to using magic against distant or fleet-footed enemies. Each type of golem is imbued with a single spell during construction, and since they have large mana pools with quick recovery rates, they may cast this spell a great many times during each battle.

Since mundane materials can’t contain enough magic to power a 100 ton engine of trespasser-hammering destruction, Metal Golems are made using the five different magical metals that are found on Agon. The golem’s capabilities, appearance and damage susceptibilities depend on the type of metal used.

Adamantine Golem

This is a black Golem of the double plated type. The magical symbols on its plates and helmet are etched with silver. When the Adamantine Golem is in combat mode, the symbols on it grow luminous, and a pale silver light starts to shine from its open visor. The light emitted is uneven and shifting, almost like a constant stream of silvery frost breath. No eyes or other facial features are visible within the helmet. Occasional sparks of silver-hued magical course across the body plates of an active Adamantine Golem.

In addition to punching, the Adamantium Golem attacks by pounding one of its enormous fists into the ground with such power that the ground around it shakes, while a large black Unholy Bolt shoots out towards an enemy within spell range. The bolt is not extremely accurate, but its blast upon impact has a fairly wide radius.

Kvitjarn Golem

This golem is white in color and belongs to the double-plated category. The arcane symbols which adorn it are carved with blue, and when it enters combat mode, a bluish light starts to stream in an uneven breath-flow from its open visor. Simultaneously, the sigils on the Golem’s body and helmet become luminescent, and occasional blue sparks of magical energy begin to run across its plates.

The Kvitjarn Golem’s special attack is like that of the Adamantine Golem in that it involves a single punch to the ground which produces both an earthquake effect and an energy bolt. However, the bolt which shoots towards the Kvitjarn Golem’s enemies is white in color and consists of Holy Magic energy. The Kvitjarn Bolt is slightly more accurate than that of the Adamantine Golem, but its blast radius is smaller.

Mithril Golem

Silver-colored and double-plated, with green sigils on its plates and helmet. Green breath-light issues from the Mithril Golems open visor when it enters combat, the green symbols start to glow, and the odd green spark shoots along its body plates.

The Mithril Golem’s single-fisted groundpunch unleashes a bolt of Ice Magic, which almost unerringly hits its target and has a wide radius, but which takes less damage than the blasts of other golems.

Nidstein Golem

Made of blue nidstein with red sigils, the Nidstein Golem is triple plated and more powerful than the three previously described constructs. When it enters combat mode, red lights starts to glow within its closed visor, its red sigils start to glow, and occasional red sparks of magic dart across its heavy body-plates.

The Nidstein Golem’s special attack involves punching the ground with both hands simultaneously, causing a powerful earthquake effect and unleashing two bolts of lightning which shoot towards its enemies. These bolts are not horribly accurate and have a quite limited range, but cause terrible damage whenever someone is hit.

Raudstaal Golem

Red in color with black arcane symbols, the Raudstaal Golem is triple plated. White lights shine within its visor when this golem is active, and tendrils of smoke begin to issue from the black symbols on its body.

When the Raudstaal Golem double-punches the ground, two fire bolts are launched towards enemies within range. These bolts have a large blast radius and take quite a lot of damage from each victim involved.

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