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Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse Review


The qualities that define a great gaming mouse are different for everyone. For some gamers, it’s plenty of programmable buttons, while for others it’s a shape that fits their hand just right. It’s a tough market to break into, but Das Keyboard has put their best foot forward with the release of the Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse.

The M50 looks great out of the box. It’s sleek, with an aluminum base and metal highlights that give the mouse an attractive appearance. You also quickly note that unlike many gaming mice available today, the M50 is ambidextrous, allowing easy use no matter which hand you favor. Best of all, it packs plenty of functionality into its minimalist design.

Once you’ve got your hands on the M50, you’ll find that it fits into your hand pretty well, especially if you like to use a palm grip on the mouse. Even better, the palm area of the mouse sports a hydrophobic coating, meaning that even if your hands sweat while you play, it won’t affect your grip. Add in the rubberized thumb panels on each side, and you’ve got a mouse that is easy to keep under control.

The M50 utilizes a 6400 dpi 4G laser sensor that allows you to select from four levels of sensitivity – 800, 1600, 3200, or the full 6400 dpi. It also offers three different polling rates – 125HZ, 500HZ, and 1000HZ. Thanks to the support for a 1000HZ polling rate, the M50 can manage up to 300 discrete clicks per minute. Das Keyboard targeted this mouse at the pro gaming circuit – specifically Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and League of Legends – games where that type of click speed is definitely needed.

Another useful feature on the M50 for gamers is that every button can be programmed to suit your playstyle. This means that there are nine buttons available for use, although the two side buttons on your non-thumb side are a bit awkward to get to. There are also two buttons atop the mouse that allow you to adjust the DPI level on the fly.

All of this customization is controlled through the mouse software, and that’s really the only thing lacking in the M50’s portfolio. The software works well for assigning functions to keys, and allows you to save up to five different profiles. Unfortunately, outside of button settings, the software lacks a lot of options that are largely standard on other mice. For example, there are only four preset levels for the DPI of the mouse. If 1600 dpi is too slow, but 3200 dpi is too fast, you’re just out of luck.

The M50 lacks lighting customization as well. The mouse lights up in an attractive red, but if that’s not your style, your only option is to turn it off completely. You can’t change the color, nor can you change the “breathing” effect the backlighting uses – at least not without turning it off entirely. You can only control the speed of the effect. Although it’s a cosmetic issue, it’s one that I found strangely annoying.

Still, the M50 is definitely a competent gaming mouse. It’s obviously well made, and it feels pretty darn good in your hand. It’s Das Keyboard’s first foray into the world of mice, and thanks to some quality materials and good build quality, it’s a fairly successful one. It’s just held back a bit by the associated software. Some gamers will also find the $79 price point a bit high.

Bottom Line: The Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse is a good first mouse from Das Keyboard, even if its software does hold it back from being great.

Recommendation: If you’re in the market for a solid gaming mouse (especially if you use a palm grip or you’re a lefty) and you don’t want a ton of customization options, the Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse is definitely worth a look.


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