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Dave Bautista and Jason Mamoa to Be Really Big People Together in The Wrecking Crew Movie

Dave Bautista said he is committed to becoming a good fucking actor and never wanted to become the next Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Calm down all you fans of the lesser-known NES launch video game Wrecking Crew, starring Mario and Luigi. Your beloved video game is not getting an adaptation with Dave Bautista and Jason Mamoa as Mario and Luigi (I’ll leave you to debate who would be who). However, the pair are set to start in a new upcoming film called The Wrecking Crew which has no association with the not-so-classic video game. The is being put together by MGM, though full confirmation is on hold as none of the actors can sign up during the ongoing strike.

It isn’t clear what the film will be about or what the two slabs of hulking actor meat will be doing in it but as the casting suggests it’s going to be an action film with plenty of buddy comedy in it. The movie will come from Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto with a  screenplay from Warrior creator Jonathan Tropper. The film will actually play into both actor’s considerable charm and comedic abilities, which they’ve flexed throughout their careers.

Maybe it will be a film about two brothers who have to use large hammers to knock over building after building, encountering new obstacles as they rise up through the building knocking down industry while their foreman, for insurance reasons, attempts to thwart their efforts.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to figure out exactly what the film is, though any association with the record-breaking Super Mario Bros. Movie can’t be a bad thing. Maybe MGM should just play it up as an adaptation for as long as they still can. Better than being associated with the well-reviewed but box-off flop that is Blue Beetle or the absolutely fantastic but little-viewed Warrior. Both director and writer have a ton of skill so, hopefully, they can break their underrated curse.

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