Dead Rising Ships 500,000 Units


Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 continues to sell as Capcom ships over 500,000 copies of the game to retailers. Capcom claims their new focus on the North American audience played a role.

Capcom has announced that Dead Rising is a success in North America, shipping over 500,000 copies of the game to retailers. While this does not equate to 500,000 units sold to consumers, it bodes well for the success of the new franchise, one of the first in the next-generation of consoles.

Capcom claims the success is thanks in part to a shift in philosophy for the company. “In preparation for the next generation transition, in 2005 Capcom concentrated on creating titles for foreign markets while seeking to improve its marketing, sales and business operations functions in North America,” they revealed. “Dead Rising’s early success is attributable to these changes and Capcom’s foresighted philosophy of embracing next-generation development to yield a high quality title with worldwide appeal.”

This new focus for the Japanese developer is not surprising given the rumblings from Square Enix and the Japanese government’s recent announcements aiming to bolster the Japenese market.

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