Author: Jason Voss

“By the Black Moons of Munupur I shall have my vengence!” Dr. Demoriel stepped once again into the cool night air of Talos Island. The ocean fog now rolled down it’s quiet deserted streets as he leaped off his feet to take flight towards the full moon. While cloaked he flew unseen among the shadows of concrete and steel. Below him he could make out the Nefarious Tsoo and Freak Show hoodlums congregating in dark alleys and side streets planning they’re own black deeds. But the doctor had no time for this scum tonight. Tonight he was tracking stolen magical artifacts by the evil Circle of Thorns. Hovering to get his bearings the doctor sent out a call to a new friend. Tonight he needed to fight evil with a different kind of evil.
Nobody really knows the full origin of the hero known as Massacre9. Records dating back to 1985 show that he was once a member of Chicago’s high profile supergroup of the 1980’s called “The Mid-West Guardians”. The Guardians were known for they’re “no holds barred” style of crime fighting and Massacre was known as a maniac. Driven mad it is said by the evil suit of stolen alien technology he carelessly re-created in a secret laboratory. It worked in favor of the Guardians, villains feared him. They feared the Guardians in general but especially Massacre. The robot wars in New York and Chicago in 1993-96 cost the lives of many heroes. Massacre himself was reportedly killed 5 times until final victory was won for humanity. At the time of his arrival in Paragon City in May of 2004 Massacre had died 8 times. Each time the cursed suit has brought him back to life and version 9 now hunts the city. This was the version he knew and who’s help he needed tonight.
The Doctor himself was not the typical super hero. His age of 127 was strange enough indeed. It was while digging for artifacts in Egypt’s valley of the kings in 1933 for Cambridge University that he found the black Utchat amulet or eye of Horus that changed his life forever. Comatose for months and instructed by the ancient gods of Egypt to fight evil the doctor turned the tide in the allies battle with the nazi warmachine in 1944. His battle in 1956 with the evil communist menace Dr. Provotnik in the catacombs of Paris left him mortally wounded and on the verge of death. The god Osiris appeared and informed the doctor his time was not yet up. Transported to the peaceful planet of Munupur the doctor fought along side it’s planets champions drawing upon the very core magical energy of the planet itself. The dark energy changed him in physical appearance to that of one of the Munupurians and also melded with his own magical powers into a dark draining energy force.
Massacre9 arrived at the entrance to the secret chamber of the COT’s and greeted the doctor. While cloaked the duo entered the cyclopean vault of horror and began searching for the stolen artifacts. In the hands of the COT’s a lot of lives would be in jeopardy if they were to unlock the artifacts power. Bats and muffled voices in conjuration could be heard echoing from deep in the bowls of the earth ahead. Soon several Thorn Wielders and Archers were found and quickly dispatched. They’re evil blades doing minimal damage.

Deeper and deeper Dr. Demoriel and Massacre9 progressed through the nightmare labyrinth of sorrow slowly penetrating the ranks of the COT’s bent on the duos destruction. Finally a dark chasm yawned below and the cries of victims could be heard from the sacrificial fires. Spectral Daemon lords floated above Agony mages and Spectral knights as followers blasphemed and writhed in wicked delight. A few of the cultists were lured away from the ceremony and destroyed before alerting they’re comrades, but before long the rest of the cult noticed something wasn’t right. Dark powers were unleashed as Dr. Demoriel drew upon the draining forces of magic. Massacre9 wove in and out of the cult blasting with horrific power and cutting the numbers in half. Finally only an Agony Mage remained who cursed and spit with daemonic fury! Fire and brimstone saturated the cavernous walls as freed captives ran in terror. At last the Agony Mage clutched his face in pain as Massacre delivered the final death blow. It was over. The missing artifacts were spread upon the wicked alter. Dr. Demoriel gathered them together for they’re safe return. Tonight all had ended well, but what if they had failed? And who knew what dark and evil plans the COT’s had in store for the city next time? Time had proven that all victorys however slight, had to be savored and not forgotten. And until next time, “The Eyes of Horus “would be on watch.

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