Dev Blog 2: Subchapter 6.3 Recap

The Matrix Online developers have chimed in with their second developer journal, exclusively on WarCry. In this article, the team looks at the Subchapter 6.3 that they recently launched and recaps what it included.

The Matrix Online Developer Blog #2
Subchapter 6.3 Recap
Article by SOE Dev Team

The continuing story of The Matrix Online progresses in chapters, each subdivided into three subchapters. A new subchapter comes out every six weeks, featuring a new cinematic movie at the beginning, and then introducing the latest twists and turns of The Matrix Online story to players via a series of five weekly critical missions for each organization along with daily live events.

First we’ll quickly recap the major new plot developments of Chapter 6.3, and then get an update on the progression of the story from the point of view of each of the five player organizations.

Subchapter 6.3 of The Matrix Online story began with the abduction of the Oracle’s young ward, Sati, by the General, an old military program exiled from the Machine mainframes. The General’s commando programs deployed across the city, and may have killed Seraph, who was last seen plunging into the river after falling from a commando helicopter as he tried to rescue Sati from their clutches. (As seen in the Subchapter 6.3 Cinematic.)
After several weeks, it became clear that the General had a new type of commando program at his disposal: elite troops equipped with synthetic black bodysuits allowing them to escape detection by standard code scans.
Sati’s absence soon began to cause problems with weather patterns in the Matrix. Some fear that unless she is returned soon, the simulation’s weather will spiral out of control.

The Cypherites, whose goal is to achieve peace for humanity by returning everyone to sleep within the simulation, helped search for Sati across the Matrix archive constructs. They continued working to attempt to get to the bottom of mysterious movements of material out of the caves of Zion, going so far as to hijack a Zion hovercraft. When its captain refused to cooperate, their ruthless control officer, Veil, sent the hovercraft on a collision course for the Zion dock.

The Cypherite leader, Cryptos, seeking guidance from the Oracle in this time of uncertainty, received from her a prophesy of widespread death and destruction, to be triggered by a choice the Cypherites had already made. She reminded Cryptos of the placard over her kitchen door: “Temet Nosce”: “Know Thyself.”

E Pluribus Neo
The radical Zion offshoot led by Neo’s fervent believer, the Kid, worked hard to find and eliminate Cypherite spies within its ranks. These spies were already responsible for the deaths of several EPN hovercraft crews. One spy, at least, was finally unearthed.

EPN also sought to assist in Sati’s rescue, deploying their data-mining Code Pulse Devices both to slow down the General’s progress, and to learn the location of his base on the Earth’s surface. The Machines, who regard EPN as a dangerous terrorist organization, responded to the deployment of the devices with deadly force, culminating in the termination of a high-ranking EPN officer, Keterina, by means of a kill code.

The Machines
The Machines worked methodically to locate and disable the network access points used by the General to bring his troops into the Matrix. After the elimination of many commando programs, and after hacking through several layers of the General’s network, the Machines succeeded in manufacturing a program that could override the General’s systems. They used this virus to locate the General’s base on the surface of the Earth, code-named “Stalingrad.” The Machines swiftly dispatched a portion of the Sentinel fleet monitoring Zion to eradicate the General’s stronghold.

The Merovingian
The Merovingian took advantage of Seraph’s disappearance to make his way to the Oracle, where he reiterated an old demand. At her refusal he swore revenge, and began searching for a termination code capable of wiping out the fortune-teller. After exhausting his usual contacts within the Matrix, he turned to the General. The stubborn warrior rebuffed his initial overtures, but eventually agreed to a cease-fire while considering the Frenchman’s proposal.

With the Oracle’s powerful guardian, Seraph, out of the picture, Zion scrambled to her defense, fighting off assaults by the General and the Merovingian. In response to determined pursuit by the Zionites, the General tauntingly revealed that he was the Sentinel program who led the deadly Machine assault on the Zion dock at the end of the war.

That wraps up Chapter Six of The Matrix Online. But the story continues…

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