This trailer for the Ghanaian take on Devil May Cry needs to be seen to be believed.

All of a sudden, Ninja Theory’s take on the Devil May Cry series doesn’t seem so bad does it?

The swirling vortex of madness to the right there is the recently released trailer for “Obonsam Besu” (Devil May Cry), a movie made for Ghanian television. It features, among other things, a woman being sucked into a television, a naked-CGI-devil-thing leaping out of the ground and hitting someone over the head, what appears to be an overweight Sith lord, the world’s worst CGI Lion and, in what is pretty much my favorite scene from any trailer ever, a magical flying mallet smashing a woman in the face, all intercut with the occasional Benny Hillesque chase scene.

The trailer seems to borrow nothing from Capcom’s venerable series save the title. That being said, it’s not like Ghanaian movies haven’t borrowed from popular video games before.

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