Dice Not Behaving? The Best of Dice Shaming Will Make You Laugh


Publicly shaming your dice might not make your character come alive again, but it might make you feel better.

Presumably you’ve heard, by now, of Cat Shaming – that is, posting a picture of a cat with a sign illuminating others to said cat’s crimes. Well, that lovely phenomenon has made its way to the world of tabletop games with Dice Shaming. We’ve always known that, like cats, dice are finnicky vicious creatures prone to whimsical acts of sheer malice, destructive caprice, and outright betrayal.

Little did we know the depths of their depravity. Little did we know.

Kicking off with a simple post from a Tumblr user, #diceshaming has taken off as gamers let loose years of repressed anti-dice rage.

Want to see more? It gets worse. So much worse, in fact, that we’ve waded through to bring you the best of the horrible things that have befallen gamers recently. Purely for your edification, of course, and not to laugh at them. Not at all.

Dice are often shamed for their low rolls.

Of course, sometimes there’s a singular failure with an interesting story behind it.

Sorry, did we say it’s often low rolls? We meant that it’s almost always low rolls.

Sometimes you let others borrow your dice when you shouldn’t.

Once the roleplaying gamers got into it the board and miniatures gamers understood they should share the evils of their dice as well…

Hungry for more? You can check out #diceshaming on either tumblr or Twitter.

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