Today’s sign-off

To some, suggesting an RPG has too many words is like suggesting a zoo has too many tigers; they automatically assume you’re missing the point of the exercise. Sadly, verbosity and depth are not the same thing. Divinity: Original Sin has far too many words, and far too many of those far too many words are far too boring. Planescape: Torment it is not.

But, stripped of its weak attempt at a narrative, the game is absolute genius. On a mechanical level, it’s easily the best WRPG of the last decade. The game world is so sumptuously tactile, full of meaningful, imaginative interactions that feel like the first genuine step forward in dungeoneering gameplay since, well, Icewind Dale. It certainly makes Dragon Age: Origins look like a theme park in comparison. Right now, it’s a brilliant game hidden underneath a bad fantasy novel, if someone were to perhaps remove that fantasy novel (or better yet, replace it with a good one) you’d be looking at a very good contender for the best RPG EVAR.

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