Do You Think You Know Videogame Music? Try Our Quiz!


If you think you know all there is to know about videogame soundtracks, our quiz may well prove you wrong.

For some people, a well-done soundtrack may be the most memorable part of a videogame. How many of you can whistle the Super Mario Bros. theme at the drop of a hat? What about the Zelda overworld tune, or the Final Fantasy prelude? There are even entire fan groups dedicated to the sole art of remixing videogame music.

This week’s issue of The Escapist magazine, “Symphony of Destruction,” is all about how music affects and changes the way we game. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to test you guys: How much do you know about videogame music?

This isn’t like our normal quizzes, either. We took 25 excellent tunes from videogames new and classic alike, and chopped them down into ~10-second-long bits. How many songs can you successfully match to their respective games? Just knowing the big hitters won’t help, either: While all these songs are great in their own rights, we decided to take out any of the most well-known soundtracks you might commonly find in a quiz like this. This means no Mario, no Zelda, no Mega Man – you get the idea.

Now, since this quiz is a toughie, we’ll be awarding you a badge depending on how well you do – but unlike our normal personality quizzes, you only get one! You can take the quiz as many times as you want to try to get all of the answers right, but the badge you get your first time through is the badge you’re stuck with – so be careful.

You can take as long as you want to ensure perfection, but your time will show up on our leaderboards. Does haste make waste? It’s your choice, and yours alone!

If you think your auditory sensors (also known as “ears”) are up to the challenge, then you can take The Escapist‘s Music Madness quiz here! Good luck, since you’ll probably need it.

The Music Madness Quiz!

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