This Doctor Who parody/tribute is more auto-tuned on the inside than the outside.

If you’ve ever wondered what the point of Ke$ha was, science may have finally have found an answer to your question. Well, I say science, it’s more YouTube really, but they’re almost the same thing. It turns out that Ke$ha’s role in the world was to provide the base for this rather hilarious – and incredibly spoiler-packed – Doctor Who tribute song.

Based on Ke$ha’s song, Tik Tok, “Tick Tock Goes the Clock” recounts the sixth season of Doctor Who in musical form. It touches on the entire length of the season’s story arc, from the events at Silencio Lake as the season opened, to the details of the recently aired final episode.

The song was created by a guy called Andy, or “Speakerwiggin” as he calls himself on YouTube. Andy isn’t the best singer in the world, but the lyrics more than make up for any shakiness on the vocals. I won’t say it’s the best thing it’s the best thing to have come out of the season – either “Day of the Moon” or “The Girl Who Waited” claim that honor – but it’s much, much better than that episode with the Cybermen.

Source: The Mary Sue

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