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Don’t Miss The Call of Duty Reveal From GamesCom


Today the talented of behind Sledgehammer Games gave everyone a tour of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s co-op abilities. So prepare for some exciting new gameplay that will be hitting some of you earlier than others.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn’t sending you into battle unprepared, like in those other shooters. This time around they are giving you an exoskeleton to make sure that you have that added advantage. It’s like Titanfall without all of those pesky Titans.


The exoskeleton also allows you to jump and slide like never before. You can take advantage of the exoskeleton with aerial hip shots that you could never have made before.


Pre-orders are getting an extra bonus, you are going to have the chance to play one day earlier than the unwashed masses. During this extra day you get double XP, bonus custom weapons and an advanced arsenal. So when November fourth rolls around and you get put up against a team of noobs you can truly own them.


They are also expanding some of the most popular features from the previous version. They’re taking the Pick 10 idea and making it even more immersive with the Pick 13. Now you can not take any of those pesky streak rewards and focus more on your load out.

They’ve taken that traditional lobby experience and turned it on its head by adding the Virtual Lobby. This will let you see everyone elses loadout rather than just their name and their stats. Get to know the looks of your comrades before jumping into that storm of bullets.

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