Dragon Ball GT The Lost Episodes[4] Conviction


imageIn the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, Pilaf wished Goku back to childhood and the Black Star Dragon Balls were scattered across the galaxy. It turns out that our new little heroes must not only collect the Dragon Balls from around the whole galaxy, but they also only have a year to do it before the Earth explodes. And so, Goku, Trunks, and Pan set off in an interstellar search for the Black Star Dragon balls.

The Lost Episodes are 15 episodes that were not previously dubbed, probably because of their difference in style, and lack of popularity among the regular Dragon Ball fans. After a little while, Funimation decided it best to go ahead and put them out, for all the serious fans out there. On Lost Episodes [4] Conviction, our little heroes, having lost a Dragon Ball to the grubby paws of the Para Para brothers, must now chase them through the cosmos to retrieve it. They confront the Order of Luud, and they must fight to save Pan from the grips of Dolltaki.

Dance and Attack: Our heroes were thrown off the trail of the Para Paras, as they are led into the depths of a dangerous asteroid inhabited by giant worm creatures. The heroes are not impressed, though, and they jump ship to launch an attack on the creatures. Meanwhile, the Para Paras are keeping an eye on the trio waiting for their chance to strike and claim the Dragon Ball for their master Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy. Caught completely off guard by the Para Para’s Dance and Attack technique, can our heroes resist the urge and survive the onslaught?

Lord Luud’s Curse: Pan finds herself in a world of trouble when the auto-pilot on the Para Para’s ship takes her and Giru to an unknown world. The Dragon Ball locator shows the missing Dragon Ball in a nearby temple, and Pan decides to go in alone, which turns out to be a bad idea. The heroes show up only to find that Pan is nowhere in sight. They battle it out with Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, but will they be able to save Pan from her new form and recover the Dragon Ball?

The Last Oracle of Luud: Goku goes head to head against the true form of the Cardinal’s whip, a powerful monster with barbed whips for arms. The battle is fierce but Goku’s confidence is unshaken, and Master Dolltaki knows that he’ll have to fight Goku, and starts to revive Luud. Having taken Pan as his own, Dolltaki feeds the entire population of the temple to Luud hoping to get enough energy to begin the revival. Will Trunks and Goku have the strength it takes to fight the monstrous Luud and save Pan, while recovering their lost Dragon Ball?

imageThe animation of these episodes follows the traditional Dragon Ball style, although the villains are a little less villainous than they were in the Z series, and the heroes are all children. Despite this, though, the art is as you would expect from Dragon Ball. The sounds, similarly, are well done, voice actors well suited for their roles, even the not-quite-so-villainous villains matched well with voice and character. The most outstanding part of the disc was definitely the Para Para brothers, a little strange, a bit childish, but about as creative as it gets.

Technical: 8.0
The DVD extras are pretty nice including story based Bios for the characters, so even though I haven’t seen the first dozen episodes I have some idea of what’s going on in the series. The trailers are a pretty nice addition too, especially, and yes I am biased, but especially the FMA trailer.

Entertainment: 8.5
The GT Series lost episodes seems to be a little more child oriented then the Z series. Although it is still very fun, and action packed, I think the feel of it was a little toned down. All of that aside, however, it’s a great DVD which leaves you wanting to go out and buy the next one to see what happens with Pan and Luud.

Overall: 8.5

Considering the story, the art, and the all around action of the episodes on this DVD, I can’t help but like it overall. I appreciate the work that went into translation, it flows very well, and despite the more kid’s show feel, there’s still some great action to be had.

Episodes: Dance and Attack, Lord Luud’s Curse, The Last Oracle of Luud

Extras: Character profiles, Textless Songs, Japanese and English languages, English Subtitles, Scene Selection and Trailers

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