Square Enix has released a new gallery of screenshots from its 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII.

Earlier this month, Square Enix made JRPG fans everywhere happy as heck with the announcement that it would be bringing a port of Dragon Quest VIII to the 3DS. Now the publisher has released a collection of new screenshots aimed at showing off how well this new version of the PS2 classic will visually transition from the living room screen to the 3DS’s miniature ones.

The (not half bad) images in the gallery range from overworld screens, to battle shots and dialogue sequences. They also included looks at the previously unplayable characters Garda and Morrie who, in the 3DS edition, will be added to the player’s roster of combat characters. As previously reported, their addition will just be the tip of an iceberg of fresh content including new story scenarios focused on the protagonist and the jester Dhoulmagus, StreetPass functionality and a new version of the musical score recorded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

The only downer is that Square Enix still hasn’t confirmed whether or not the game will be releasing anywhere outside of Japan. Some would likely say that the chances are of that happening are dubious. The company, after all, previously chose not to translate the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, claiming that the resources required to do so weren’t “justifiable” given the poor performance of the franchise in the West. That being the case, there might arguably still be hope for VIII. With VII, the primary problem was that Square Enix didn’t want to pony up the dough for an English translation. Dragon Quest VIII already has one from its original PS2 days. The company, in turn, would only need to translate the text pertaining to the new content it’s adding in. Come on Square Enix, throw us a bone here.
Source: Siliconera

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