Dragonball Z: Broly Second Coming The Movie Uncut


imageFunimation is bringing back the action with Dragon Ball Z: Broly Second Coming uncut. While Videl, Goten, and Trunks are out hunting for the Dragonballs, they come into a small town terrorized by a monster. Without a second thought, they lay waste to the great beast, and the town celebrates, but the party is a little premature. During their battle with the monster, they wake a sleeping giant in the crystal mountain nearby.

Broly, an old nemesis of Goku has been sleeping for years, but at the sound of Goten’s voice, he is awoken with only one thing in mind: revenge. Screaming for Kakarot, the Legendary Super Saiyan unleashes a fury on the little heroes, and being only children, they stand little chance. But before long, Gohan and Krillin join in the fight to try to put down the great warrior that nearly felled Goku. Things look grim for the team as Broly attacks with unrelenting force threatening to destroy not only Earth’s heroes, but the planet and all its inhabitants.

imageThe sound and artwork surpass the normal DBZ standard, specifically the artwork. As noted, this is the uncut version, which means that when a fighter lands a punch, they seriously land a punch! The artists get to go wild with their talents drawing the bruised and broken bodies of the fighters throughout. They spare no expense in making you feel the pain of your heroes. The sounds, as always are great, it’s DBZ after all, and it just wouldn’t be the same without the grunting and groaning of the warriors during the fight.

The DVD extras include character bios of a special breed, they are specific to the movie. They aren’t historical profiles, but rather they explain the character’s involvement with the story you’re watching. Of course, you can always watch the movie in Japanese, as it was meant to be watched, although that does most of us no good at all since the dialogue is too good to miss. They also offer trailers for other anime including Yu Yu Hakusho, Shonen Jump, Case Closed and more. Finally, for all of the collectors out there, there’s a great foil DBZ playing card of level 2 Broly included!

imageTechnical: 8.5
The visuals and sounds are what every DBZ fan expects when they pop in the DVD, but for those unseasoned to the DBZ styles the graphics might come off as a little understated, while the sounds of the fighters can seem over the top. This takes only a few minutes to begin to appreciate, and after that, it’s great. Extra credit was awarded for the battered warrior shots throughout the movie, it’s great to see that these ferocious warriors do take some damage. The extras were small, but they were well done and worth checking out.

Entertainment: 9.0
Definitely a movie you’ve got to watch if you are an Anime or DBZ fan! The action is slow to start, but it is built up very well, keeping you wondering just when it’s gonna hit the fan. As soon as it does, the action won’t let up for a second, you’re in it for the long haul. It’ll keep you watching through the end, and maybe, just maybe, back through from the beginning.

Overall: 9.0

The buildup was well done, not too slow, but not too revealing. The action was more than I could have hoped for. The only thing I was left wanting was an explanation of how Broly ended up back on Earth. Diagnosis: fantastic!

DVD includes: 3 Uncut Versions: English 5.1 Surround Sound, English & Original Japanese, Subtitles, Character Profiles, Trailers, and a Broly level 2 DBZ foil playing card.

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