Dragonica Online: Challenging All Comers


This week THQ*ICE issued a challenge to all side-scrolling MMO players to compare Dragonica Online to all others and WIN. It is a bold and innovative marketing technique and WarCry wanted to know more. We scored an interview with Executive Producer Chris Lena. Check it out!

WarCry: Please introduce yourself and your position at THQ*ICE.

My name is Chris Lena and I am the Executive Producer at THQ*ICE.


WarCry: Your new plan is to directly take on “free to play” industry leaders such as MapleStory and Runescape in a head-to-head competition. Please explain your reasons.

We know that Dragonica Online is a great game and has a lot more to offer than some of the older games that you mentioned. All we need to do is give the players out there a good reason to give us a try.

WarCry: Can you tell us more about this “comparison test”?

Essentially, we are paying you to try out our free game. The basic premise is simple: download and try out Dragonica Online and you decide whether you like the game better than your previous one. It is made up of three main parts: the challenge, the choice, and the reward. All we ask is for players of these other games to create an account, get to level 19, earn 1000 Friend Points by playing with others, and defeat one of our early bosses. Once those are done then you tell us whether or not you prefer Dragonica Online or your old game. Depending on that choice we either give you a $5 of our currency (ICE Cash) and an in-game prize package or a $5 Ultimate Game Card. We will giving out a total of $50,000 on a first-come/first-serve basis.

WarCry: When and how did this rather unorthodox idea come about?

We feel that Dragonica Online is a great game and that if people try it they will love it. Well, if that is what we believe then there is only one thing to do – put our money where our mouth is. In a nutshell, that is how the Side-Scroller Showdown came about.

WarCry: What’s in it for THQ*ICE?

A lot of new people joining our community. But more importantly this is an event where everyone wins.

WarCry: What do you feel that players gain?

First off we hope that they gain a new favorite game and some new friends. If they submit their choice for a winner of the Showdown they will also gain either $5 worth of our currency and an in-game item package or a $5 Ultimate Game Card to use on the game of their choice. It is a risk free way to try a new game and get a prize for doing it.

WarCry: Has there been any response from the “competing” game publishers?

No responses yet but welcome anyone to participate in the debate.

WarCry: How long will this promotion last?

Participants have until March 9th to register for the Side-Scroller Showdown and you have until March 15th to submit your vote for the winner in the prize submission process.

WarCry: If you were a gambler, what odds of a Dragonica Online win would you give the game?

Just a tip between you and me – I wouldn’t bet against Dragonica Online.

WarCry: Please add any further information you wish!

Even if you think you are sticking with your current side-scroller we would like to encourage you to take the challenge and prove us wrong.

Get involved in the Side-Scrolling Challenge by downloading the Dragonica Online client at the official site. Also, check out in-game footage of all character types at WarCry’s Official Facebook Fan Page.

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