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Dredge and the Genius of Tetris-Style Inventory Systems – Design Delve


In this episode of Design Delve, JM8 attempts to piece together why a knapsack inventory with Tetris-like structure has such a huge impact on game design when it is included, like in Dredge and Resident Evil 4.

About the author

JM8 joined the Escapist in late 2021 where he brought his formerly known as “Anatomy” series to the site, eventually rebranding the series into “Design Delve”. Design Delve is a show with an aim to educate gamers in the ways of game development in an easily digestible and fun way. Alongside this JM8 is responsible for a lot of the animations you see in “Adventure is Nigh” and all of its sound design whilst also working closely with the team on The Escapist documentaries. Outside of The Escapist, JM8 also works as a Game Design lecturer at a university in the South West of England and a level and sound designer for “The Bog'' which is currently in development by Nightmire Studios. His favorite game is Beyond Good & Evil