PlayEnvy, publisher of Dungeon Bandits, is working with developers on a large game update to its tournament-based MMO. PlayEnvy recently acquired the publishing rights to Dungeon Bandits with the intenton of developing the game into a dynamic, entertaining experience for players. The update will contain new features to dynamically enhance the original French version new players.


WarCry tried to squeeze additional information from developers but they remain rather tight lipped. However, devs did confirm a new boss raiding system will be introduced to coincide with the team – vs.- team matches. Also, item drops will be added, new maps and a new character archetype are on the way. Some of the existing maps will be restructured to compliment the new systems and players will find several improvements to the UI.

During the open beta just around the corner, players will have the opportunity to try out approximately 25% of the game. Developers hope to gain important player feedback to lay the foundation for the larger version of the game. Since the capture the treasure system of the French version is fully functional, there is no reason not to allow players to freely play it. As a result, beta players will mainly docus on the new content mechanics.

During the beta, PlayEnvy will be launching smaller updates introducing various features leading up to the expansion. For instance, a redesigned group list will display groups in progress. During the closed beta, and in the French version, only groups being formed would show on the game list.
PlayEnvy will be revealing more details about the Dungeon Bandits expansion in the coming so stay tuned for more Dungeon Bandits news!

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