How have DDO fans reacted to the world so far?

Victor: Response has really been great so far. It can be hard to tell from the official forums sometimes, but our interactions with players in the world (incognito, mostly – maybe you grouped with me!) have really been enlightening. Our game is substantially different from the MMOG’s that many are used to but we’re seeing an overwhelmingly positive response from the people actually playing. We took a risk in order to break out of some of the well known constraints of the genre. Right now, that looks like a gamble that’s paying off. We’re proud that we developed a game that doesn’t play like any other MMOG on the market and we’re enjoying seeing thousands of players getting involved in a whole new kind of MMO experience.

What are Turbine’s big priorities now that the game has launched?

Victor: Our main priority right now is getting the Dragon’s Vault module ready for release. This is a huge encounter suited for epic adventures, really highlighting the depth of gameplay, challenge, and danger that sets us apart from other games. After that, we are continuing to improve the stability and performance of the game while we add the kind of content players expect from a D&D game. Now that people are adventuring in Stormreach, we’re collecting feedback to help guide us through our more long-term priorities. We’ve got exciting plans in various stages of concept and development that we’ll be sharing in the future that will really extend the play experience in DDO.

Can you offer us some details on the plans for the missing classes such as the druid? and races?

Victor: At this time, no. We’re focused on the Dragon’s Vault module for the near term. We’ll announce the contents of future updates as they get closer to release. Rest assured that we’ve got a full development slate lined up for this year as we add to the foundation we’ve laid with the release.

What can fans expect to see in the first regular update? And will you be handling these in the same manner as monthly updates for AC? By this I am referring to the events page with lore, teasers, and such.

Victor: In this first module we’re unveiling new dungeons, including a large quest chain culminating in an amazing 12 player raid encounter with a red dragon. This module represents a substantial update to the game. While we’re committed to periodic free content updates, we’re not committing to a regular monthly schedule. In particular, we want to make sure that every module is significant and adds high-quality, hand-crafted content. Expect more information on our future release schedule after the Dragon’s Vault module launches.

On the communications side, now that the Dragon’s Vault module has been announced, we’ll be launching web content to support it. We’ll take you through the Vault of Night itself to learn the history behind it, the story of the explorers who charted it, and its critical role in the Dragon’s Vault module. It’s our big event for the next month and we’re excited to start sharing it with our players.

We would like to thank Victor “Sporkfire” Wachter for taking the time to sit with us and look forward to seeing the first module as it is release in April.

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