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Dungeons & Dollars Redux


In response to “Un-Laming Phone Games” from The Escapist Forum: It’s not the cost barrier that prevents me from getting into mobile games. It’s not the small screen or the laughable sound. It’s not the lack of original or interesting titles, or the difficulty of finding any specific title. … The big problem for me is that it is on a telephone.

– Bongo Bill

In response to “The Tao of Pikachu” from The Escapist Forum: I bought a DS about a week ago. Since then I’ve clocked maybe 30 hours, finding time to game where I previously had none. … On a whim I bought Pokemon Emerald as I’d always been a fan of the series on emulated platforms. According to the in-game timer I’ve logged 18 hours in it in just 3 days. Pokemon isn’t doing anything wrong by my eyes. It’s a great blend of deep strategy and easy access to the beginner. … There are people who are BREEDING pokemon in the hopes of ending up with the exact blend of innate statistics that will allow them to raise them properly by fighting the right pokemon to create a real powerhouse. Trying to bring certain moves to bear in a baby pokemon through lineage by cross-breeding through many different pokemon. It’s all rather impressive.


In response to “The Tao of Pikachu” from The Escapist Forum: Reading this, I can honestly say that I’ve really changed the way I look at Pokemon now. I had been rather disappointed with how the games were playing, and pretty much stopped buying them after Silver, as they started to get incredibly redundant. … Because I had become so jaded about pokemon, I eventually just started telling people that the reason why I wasn’t interested anymore, and the day I would buy a new Pokemon, would be the day that they would come out with a game that simulated the cartoon’s action, making battles more dynamic and interesting to play, like Okami meets Shadow of the Colossus or something. But after reading this article, I can honestly say that I feel a bit of shame, and I just might reconsider buying the new DS one that’s coming out to play with my otaku friend.

– Darkpen

In response to “The Tao of Pikachu” from The Escapist Forum: Pokemon really is a rare treasure of gaming that gets completely overlooked by the mainstream/hardcore/adult gaming media. To a large extent, that is only Nintendo’s fault, and something I don’t think the company really gives a crap about in the long run. They went after a demographic of gamers, and they experienced virtually unparralleled success with it. By doing that however, they marginalized those who might have played and loved the game otherwise.

I simply want to echo what Reidy says about picking the game up if you haven’t tried it. I really forced myself to play it some years back. While I was a senior in HS I borrowed the original Red cartridge from my then 7 year old cousin, and logged over 50 hours in under a month. Without repeating everything that’s been written, it’s just one of those games that any discerning gamer should be at least familiar with.

– Dr. Wiley

In response to “A Better Way to Play” from The Escapist Forum: Settle down. While there are certainly a large number of unique titles being released on portables, there are an equal number of fun and exciting titles being spun out on consoles and the PC, many of which use technology to better the experience. Half-Life 2 uses its physics engine to create a whole host of fun gameplay experiences. Okami uses the graphical power of the PS2 to bring a mythical world to life. Upcoming games like Bioshock and Assassin’s Creed are doing some neat stuff with AI (that may or may not turn out well, but at least they’re trying).

– arawkins

In response to “A Better Way to Play” from The Escapist Forum: The fact of the matter is, the Mobile gaming world differs from the Console market because it’s less threatening. I know plenty of people who don’t consider themselves big time gamers, yet they clock in a big chunk of time playing Tetris or Wario Ware. Since the casual gamer doesn’t really get into series like Metal Gear or Final Fantasy, the mobile market has to be innovative and creative to bring people in who ordinarily shun video games.

– generalissimofurioso

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