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To The Editor: tonight i finally found the time to read the mobile edition of the escapist, which i was looking forward to, knowing the nice articles you usually have.

have to say that i’m really disappointed.

somehow, the issue kinda missed most of the mobile point (except for the eric goldberg part, which was solid, and the first article, which made some good points). it reads like what people who know only about other gaming platforms would write about mobile. i guess it might be a good read for some people, but for people who are actually in the mobile trenches it was largely disappointing.

– Jeff Valadares, Production Director, Digital Chocolate (Sumea)

In Response to “Christmas Behind the Cash Register” from The Escapist Forum: This article describes the Holiday retail experience accurately. As the store was described I was constantly bringing up images in my head from the past two years to match each detail. Everything from the parents that believe retail stores are daycare centers to the frustrating, incompetent teenage help was present in my own personal outing in the retail business.

I will never understand the passionate anger that people feel while waiting on line. Most people browse the store for a half hour or more; but when it comes to waiting on line time becomes precious.

I just hope that people that read this article will, if they don’t already, treat retail employees with more respect and patience during the holiday season. I still love the holidays, but work is significantly more taxing. There can’t always be enough cashiers to fill every register, and there aren’t always enough salesmen to assist each sale with the detail that they would normally offer at any other time of year.

– Blaxton

In Response to “Going ‘Home’ for the Holidays” from The Escapist Forum: This gave me some pretty severe warm fuzzies. Almost made me wish I could find an MMO that I could put up with for long enough to experience this sort of thing. Oh well. I’m still holding out for World of Starcraft.

– Bongo Bill

In Response to “‘Maajh, Ladies'” from The Escapist Forum: Is this some kind of a x-mas joke? I mean, ok, your grandmother (when she does exist, anyway) plays mahjong. And what? What’s the higher meaning? Or the connection to the (electronic) gaming?

…gee, next time i am going to write about the terrible chess trials with my granddad…and terrible they were…

– Carc

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