We hear from a lot of people on a weekly basis wishing to write for the magazine. Some just like the magazine’s style and want to be involved. Sometimes, they’ve already looked at our editorial calendar and have an issue in particular for which they’d like to write. And some come forward with fully fleshed out pitches or articles, great ideas, but not at all related to our calendar.

It is these orphan articles which cause us the most difficulty. You see, we’re suckers for a great article, but we have built, and love, our editorial calendar. It is the foundation upon which the whole of The Escapist is built. However, we have learned in our first year of publishing The Escapist that sometimes it is best to have a little flexibility built into the mix.

It is this need for flexibility that has brought forth the recurring Editor’s Choice issues you’ll find scattered throughout the calendar. These issues are literally a mix of some of our favorite Homeless Articles over the last few months.

And this week, we present the first of the Editor’s Choice issues, all tied up into a neat package. Max Steele drops in to tell us about three hot up-and-comers in the world of game development. Pat Miller writes in from Tokyo, discussing how the ubiquity of games in Japan actually reduces the number of those considered gamers. And newcomer Matthew McKeague takes us on a quest to find gaming gems through the most Random of all realms, The Suburban Yardsale. Find these articles and more in this week’s issue of The Escapist. Enjoy!


-Julianne Greer

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