This first editorial is about something that is pretty close to my heart. We have heard that in DarkFall there will only be one character per server. I for one really oppose this choice by the creators of this game.

I am a person that has always maxed out all the character slots in the games I played. Sometimes, if I am really into the game I will have several accounts and still max the characters. In Ultima I had 3 accounts and 15 characters. Playing Starwars and only having 2 characters is very hard but I have gotten used to it, but 1? I’m not sure I could even make myself play the game due to that factor.

I am a crafter. But I also like to have a character that can go out and fight with my gaming partner. A crafter usually can’t survive out in the rough world. Now if you can make a crafter that can also fight, this might be an option. Usually they have to give up some of their valuable points to be able to gain this ability.

I do understand the reasoning behind the choice of only one character. We have all seen the accounts that are self sufficient. I have had them myself. But having at least 2 characters would not allow this. Even if you had a fighter and a crafter, you are going to need several things for your fighter. One would need armor, weapons, social clothing, housing, furniture, etc.

I know there are no compromises in DarkFall, I don’t expect this article to make a difference of any kind, but I do feel it’s important for us to speak out when we feel things are going in a wrong direction and I feel one character per server is wrong.

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