Darkfall Editorial: Signature Weapons
Article by Gamegoddess

There are several elements that are going to be unique to DarkFall. One of which we have been told about are the Signature Weapons. The devs have told us that the smiths are going to be able to create all types of weapons and then imbue them with enchantments. Normally the enchanters would do this but for the smiths to be able to do this is exciting.

Something we haven’t seen before is a race specific weapon. In each race the smithy is going to be able to make a weapon that the other smiths won’t be able to make. Other races will be able to use the weapons however. To get a weapon from a friendly race he can just purchase one from the smithy that forged it. If he wishes one from an enemy race he must take one from the body of one he kills.

The Ilshard used by the Alfar is a black halberd sporting a red hourglass on the blade resembling the mark of the Black Widow. The Sunbow used by the Mirdain is a glowing bow that is decorated with representations of the sun and the acorns of the Tree of All Seeds. The Ildhammer used by the Dwarves is a hammer with a head made of molten lava. The head of the hammer is covered in runes that keep the lava hot. The Lightbringer used by the Humans is a heavy two-handed sword. This sword puts forth an aura of either light or darkness, the strength being determined by the alignment score of the wielder. The Ghost Claw used by the Mahirim is a retractable claw. In the daytime only 3 claws are seen but at night, each claw is surrounded by an aura of eldritch light. The Aldaruk used by the Orks is a two handed ax which burns with hot, almost invisible black fire

These weapons all have a great look to them and it’s exciting to me to have game devs striving to find some uniqueness for weapons. It would be easy to just fill up a game with the normal halberds, swords, axes, bows etc. Good job on designing something different.

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