Remember that time you actually had to shoot a guy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Lame, right? Turns out that wasn’t exactly Eidos Montreal’s doing.

Meet Dr. Paul Kruszewski, president and founder of Grip Entertainment, “an independent Montreal based video game technology company” that was tapped by Eidos Montreal to craft the boss battles for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The same boss battles that the ‘net has been complaining about since the game hit retail shelves.

In the course of that five-minute clip, Kruszewski refers to himself as a “shooter guy” and explains that Eidos Montreal essentially gave his firm the tech and gameplay design of the game, then let Grip craft boss fights based on that alone.

Unsurprisingly, the same ‘net denizens who spent weeks complaining about these forced battles mucking up their otherwise stealth-based gaming experience have been gleefully linking this clip back and forth. “We’ve finally figured out why the boss fights suck! It was this guy! He did it!” the collective says, likely while rattling sabers, or gathering pitchforks.

I’m not about to dive into this “boss fight” controversy with my own opinion (hint: it involves dragons), but I feel for Dr. Kruszewski. In the course of a weekend, he and his company have become scapegoats for one of the gaming world’s largest recent controversies, and some of the bile being flung in his direction would make Andrew Dice Clay blush.

Before you take to the comments to swear at Kruszewski for fulfilling his contractual obligations, keep in mind that Eidos Montreal was overseeing his work. As with strawberry jam, blame should always be spread evenly.

Source: EDGE

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