Beyond: Two Souls stars actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, as does this newly released “making of” featurette.

Beyond: Two Souls is the latest effort from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Like the firm’s prior game, Beyond: Two Souls features gorgeously-detailed characters and environments, only for this title Quantic Dream called in a few Hollywood actors to serve as a living, breathing basis for the game’s cast. Most notably, Beyond: Two Souls stars Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page.

That clip you see at top-right was released earlier this morning, and focuses on Dafoe and Page describing the rigors of acting within a videogame. While a novel experience for both thespians, each seem to enjoy the experience. Dafoe’s reaction is particularly delightful, as I can’t remember the last time I saw the man’s face so genuinely full of glee. Generally Dafoe portrays wildly unhinged characters in his films, so it’s not often that you see him as giddy as a child.

Actually, the last film I saw him in was Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, and man, let me tell you, he is not happy about how that flick ends.

Ellen Page, by contrast, seems very regal and focused. She’s a serious actor, and while her profession is fun, she’s also intensely dedicated to her craft. And maybe this just me, but doesn’t she look an awful lot like that little girl from The Last of Us?

Beyond: Two Souls makes its debut on the PlayStation 3 on October 8. Expect more information to slowly stream out of the production over the next few months, either building your anticipation or making you pray for the thing’s release simply so you won’t have to hear about it anymore. Such is the videogames industry.

Source: YouTube

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