Epic Games Wants to Help You Find Love


Tell that special someone how you feel about them this with these romantic Gears of War inspired Valentine’s Day cards.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That one special day of the year where love-struck individuals attempt to woo each other with flowers, chocolate, and valentine cards. And now, Epic Games would like to help its fans celebrate the romance-filled occasion with a series of greeting cards inspired by its most famous third-person shooter, Gears of War.

Tell that one person who’s dear to your heart that they make it beat like a Ticker about to explode, or that you love them almost as much as Clayton Carmine likes bacon. And nothing says “Lets go chainsaw Locusts in twain as a couple” like a lovely rendering of a Berserker, happily trampling some daffodils.

Epic Games heartily encourages gamers to print out the design and give them to those who would rather stay in this February 14th and frag some grubs then some cliched candlelit dinner at a French bistro. And if you feel inclined, Epic heartily encourages you to submit your own card designs to its DeviantART page.

Source: Epic Games

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