Animal Crossing‘s unusually human avatars can now be brought to the real world – if you’ve got the cash to pay for a custom figurine.

Even though the Animal Crossing games are filled with furry/fishy/feathered friends, it’s the human player characters who you’ll spend hours customizing to perfection. Your in-game avatar probably has a special place in your heart, and thanks to a new Etsy artist, it can now have a special place on your desk as well. Edberg Panganiban has opened his shop for business, selling resin-cast figures of basic Animal Crossing characters – or custom-painted versions of your own character, for the right price.

Panganiban created a few molds for resin casting of characters with various clothes and haircuts, but what really sells each model is the meticulous hand-painted detail. The fact that each model is painted by hand means that custom orders are easy to handle – a bit more expensive, depending on what kind of clothes your requested avatar is wearing, but doable. The currently available models are selling for up to $70, and that’s without even getting too extravagant.

The finished models look great, but the demand has been somewhat higher than Panganiban originally expected. Custom orders that are requested today aren’t guaranteed to arrive by Christmas, so it’s safe to guess that the modeler has his work cut out for him for the next month at least. Clearly there’s no shortage of sales, but if he were to add molds for the games’ animal characters, it’d be a license to print money. I know I’d be all over a K.K. Slider model of this quality.

Source: Etsy

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