Everquest Artist Spotlight: Allen “Lebounde” Bond


WarCry has scored an exclusive interview with Everquest environmental artist, Allen “Lebounde” Bond. Bond is one of the artists working on the recent EQ expansion, Seeds of Destruction.

Without further ado, WarCry is proud to present Allen “Lebounde” Bond.

Personal Website: (note: it comes from a joke about my last name, its work safe)

When did you join the SOE family?

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I was hired in 2001 as a GM. I was a roving GM for about a month and then took over the Xegony server. I did that for a year and then apprenticed for environment artist and have been on EverQuest starting with Planes of Power.

What are your main duties on EverQuest?

Building zones, textures, objects, particle effects.

What did you work on for the Seeds of Destruction Expansion?

I worked on Oceangreen Hills, Oceangreen Village and Temple of Bertoxxulous.

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What do you consider your specialty?

I really can’t think of anything specific. After 6 years I think I’ve built just about everything at one time or another. If I had to say, it would be that I know the graphics engine and the tools the artists use really well.

Do you or have you played EverQuest? If so describe your character and play-style and experience?

I played EQ about 6 months after it launched. I had a ranger, shaman and druid. The druid was my favorite as I like soloing. I also liked that I could travel and explore. My druid is currently level 55.

Describe the process of acclimating yourself to the world of EverQuest?

I played a lot of RPGs on Atari 800, C64, Amiga and then PC, I was already acclimated by the time EverQuest came out.

How long have you been in the gaming industry and what brought you to it?

I’ve been in the industry for 7 years now. You can see from the previous question that I’ve always liked computer games. Before this I mostly did graphic design and some interface designing.

What other projects have you worked on?

I designed the race and server pins that used to be sold at Fan Faire.

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Besides yourself, who are your favorite artists? Who inspires you?

Robert Peak, John Byrne, Syd Mead, Brian Froud and many more.

What are your favorite video games?

EverQuest, Populous 2, Tetris, Lemmings Monkey Island are some of my all time classics.

What video games are you currently playing?

Currently I’ve been Playing Two Worlds, Boom Blox and lots of demos.

Artists are their own worst critics. Do you believe this statement?

Quite often it’s true.

What other type of activities do you enjoy? Do you have any hobbies?

Hiking, backpacking and camping is usually what I do most often in my free time, traveling is something I’ve started to do that last few years. I always take my camera and sometimes I use them as a base for the textures in EverQuest.

Tell the community something crazy about you!

I’ve a few dirty jobs over the years. Hazardous waste technician, pest control and worked at a nuclear power plant.

EQ: Seeds of Destruction is the fifteenth expansion for Everquest. You can read more about the lore behind SoD at the official site.

Thanks to the SOE folks for the opportunity to “show off” their hard work!

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