Evil Dead Series Starring Bruce Campbell Coming Next Year

Evil Dead

A ten-episode Starz original series continuing the Evil Dead franchise will debut next year with a Sam Raimi-directed first episode.

The Evil Dead series will never truly die. Since the first movie introduced Bruce Campbell as Ash in 1981, there have been sequels, video games, comic books, and even a 2013 remake of the original. Now Evil Dead is breaking new ground by making its way to TV; Starz has announced that a ten-episode series will premiere next year.

The show, officially titled Ash vs. Evil Dead, has Bruce Campbell reprising his role as the title character. Sam Raimi, acclaimed director of the films, has signed on to do the same for the pilot of the Starz show. As an “aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility,” Ash is forced to “face his demons–personal and literal” when a Deadite plague threatens humanity. Campbell promises the series will “be everything [fans] have been clamoring for: serious deadite ass-kicking and plenty of outrageous humor.”

The Evil Dead premiered in 1981 and was followed by the sequels Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, as well as the 2013 remake simply titled Evil Dead. There have also been a handful of video games and comic books starring Ash, including several crossover stories in which he meets the Marvel Zombies, Friday the 13th‘s Jason, and Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy. After 33 years, Evil Dead shows no sign of dying.

Ash vs. Evil Dead will air on Starz in 2015 with ten 30-minute episodes.

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