Come June 3 the public will get its first chance to play a bit of Duke Nukem Forever, assuming the public is willing to front the money for a pre-order.

Earlier today developer Gearbox Software detailed plans for the long-awaited release of the official Duke Nukem Forever demo, as well as its surprisingly restrictive distribution plans.

Despite that catchy first sentence, there are actually two ways to earn access to the demo. First, as stated above, fans who pre-order Duke Nukem Forever will join what Gearbox has dubbed “The First Access Club,” and through that will have access to the demo.

Likewise, codes redeemable for access to the demo can be found in the Game of the Year edition of Gearbox’s hit open-world shooter Borderlands.

As Giant Bomb points out, it’s very likely that the Duke Nukem Forever demo will inevitably become available to the general public, though so far neither Gearbox, nor publisher 2K Games has hinted at any plans to that effect.

In case you’ve been living under a particularly isolated rock toward the back of an exceedingly quiet cave for the last two decades, Duke Nukem Forever is an endlessly anticipated first-person shooter originally in development by the now-defunct 3D Realms. I say “endlessly anticipated,” because fans of Duke Nukem’s over-the-top, 80s-throwback, hyper-masculine action hero style have been waiting to play this game since Bill Clinton was in the White House.

It has survived numerous engine changes, personnel changes and the collapse of a development studio. Currently, Duke Nukem Forever is scheduled for release on Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 14.

Source: Giant Bomb

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