Exclusive Screenshots, Part #1

We’re kicking off a new series of exclusive screenshots on Age of Conan on WarCry. Every other week we’ll have two exclusive screenshots and descriptions direct from Funcom. Jørgen Tharaldsen of Funcom sent us along the text to go with each image.

image Meat lovers
Venturing into the Eiglophian mountains of Cimmeria is a journey which will be taking its toll on you as a player. In this massive mountain range Ben Morgh, the tallest mountain in all of Cimmeria, looms above the valleys below, and the beauty of the lands is only overshadowed by the dangers of it. It is everything but peaceful . This is about fighting for your life to survive, and doing whatever it takes to do so. In this image a Demonologist has met stiff resistance from invading picts, and his sword has just hit home. The curious eye (I know a few in our community who have that;) will notice the “cannibal” name above the healthbar, and if you look at the gang surrounding the player they definitively have the means to take him down.
image Nightfall
When night comes to Hyboria everything changes. The milelong vistas is shrouded in darkness, the moon is out, and everything bright and sunny is suddenly dark and frightening. This is not a place for the weak of heart, and it can never be taken lightly. This demonologist knows how to defend himself though, and as the night is lit up by a spell it looks like a demon of flames is about to consume him. Tempering with the dark arts does have a consequence in Conan, but this particular buff is there to help. I think this image also shows how long we have come with our particle and magic system. Week by week now things are entering more polished states, and we are finally getting there after years of development.

Check back soon for more images and in the meantime, let us know what you think!

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