Age of Conan: Bi-Weekly Screenshot Series

Exclusive Screenshots, Part #2


In the second part of our bi-weekly exclusive screenshots/description extravaganza, we get two more images from Funcom. Jørgen Tharaldsen gives us lengthy descriptions of “A Group in the Wilderness” and “Tortage at Night”, our images this week. Take a look and let us know what you think on the boards.

image A Group in the Wilderness
Venturing into the wildderness of Hyboria is one of the things I look the most forward to when the game launches. When you addition do this in small groups it brings along an essential part of the MMO fun; exploring and fighting together with your friends. In this player group you also see a Demonologist pet, or an Incubus if you like. Its mighty dark wings are spread out, ready to do the bidding of its master. At this stage of the game the player has reached a level where he or she has captured the wildness of this most evil of demons, taming it to perform devastating attacks. Another great aspect of this image (which is not that clear for those outside Funcom) is how the female dresses are now fully in place. In this purple dress the Hyborian female becomes a beauty to behold, but just as able as any male to ferociously split skulls.
image Tortage at Night
The fabled pirate city of Tortage is a cesspool of sin and human decadence, and as fitting for a Conan game it will be the first town you get to as a player. In this haven for pirates a mad ruler reigns, as you learn upon exploring the city and the surrounding islands. As you dive deeper into the fascinating story, you also start to interact with other players for the first time, tying bonds of friendships which may last for months and years to come. The Tortage region is also the only part of Age of Conan with static night / day cycles, and by going to sleep at an inn you wake up at night, to play solo missions. This night image is taken just inside the city gates, with a sleepy guard standing on the left. I think the muscle play in the torchlight is nothing short of impressive for a PC game, and it says a lot about how detailed your character will become in the game.

Two more screenshots coming in two weeks and be sure to keep coming back for the latest editorials and an upcoming interview.

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