Have you explored Fallen London’s waters or devoured your crew yet? Now’s your chance, since Sunless Sea is free on Steam this weekend.

Last year’s Sunless Sea was a challenging but wonderfully immersive game, forcing you to brave the horrors and dangers of Fallen London‘s Unterzee. It merged a Victorian Gothic atmosphere, roguelike mechanics, and procedural stories into something truly unique, even within the indie gaming scene. And now that it’s approaching a one-year anniversary, Failbetter Games wants everyone to play it for themselves. That’s why Sunless Sea is free on Steam for the weekend, with all the horrific crew-eating potential that entails.

Sunless Sea is set in the Fallen London universe, where London was dragged underground during Queen Victoria’s reign. You play as a newly minted ship captain who explores the Unterzee, seeking wealth and adventure. You’ll explore distant ports, face horrific creatures, pursue romantic relationships, and eat crew members when food stores get low. You’ll also die, frequently, but can leave an inheritance to new captains who will try their luck at the Unterzee once again.

Even if you already have Sunless Sea, Failbetter Games has released updates for all players to enjoy. The Rose Market has just been added to the game, where collectors can buy various curiosities found on your travels. New options have been added to islands that let you explore strange Unterzee customs. (Well, stranger than normal.) Finally, players can collect Steam trading cards and badges from their time playing Sunless Sea.

And more is on the way. Failbetter Games is currently working on its Zubmariner expansion, which lets you take submersible craft even deeper into the Unterzee. Until that launches, diving into the core game should whet your Lovecraftian roguelike appetites. Especially if you garnish it with a few ship officers.

If you enjoy the taste this weekend, you can purchase Sunless Sea for play beyond the weekend at a 40% discount.

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