Eyes on You

The new exciting tale of love, disaster, secrets, and adventure. Eyes on You.

Maybe I was scared to be alone. Maybe I just loved him more then I thought. It wasn’t particularly a story about any man though. This story has twists and turns that I never quite understood. You see, I thought that I had been going crazy, when in reality, I was really quite sane. I know that even if your reading this and don’t want to hear a gushy love story or some mystery you’ll have to solve, then your reading the right book. Why? Because this is the opposite of those stories. This story has people getting decieved, demons and spirits, and many many more. You’ll find that this is a quite enjoyable tale once you get used to the oddity of it. In fact, it might not be as strange as you think. It could be as normal as anything. Maybe you’re the strange one…

It all started back when I was young. Younger then you are I think. I was young enough that I had no knowledge of anything happening around me, or even young enough as that I didn’t really know my own name.
There was this boy, he was older, and he always used to watch over me. I was a small girl and I used to have it rough, having animals scare you and bullies threaten you… that kind of stuff.
He used to make sure I was safe and he would always tell me that he would protect me, no matter what. In fact, I still remember the very words.

“Naomi…” he said. Naomi was my name. Well, it still is. Naomi Findle. I used to laugh at my own name. It was all but a joke, for he had always called me Starfish. I loved starfish. I guess that’s why he called me that. I never knew his real name until I was about 8.
“Naomi,” he whispered,”I swear that no matter what happens, I will make sure nobody will hurt you. I will stay with you and keep you happy.”
I wished badly that was true. I still believe he meant what he said, but now… I don’t know what to think. It doesn’t matter to you right now… just keep a good focus on that because it will occur to you to be more useful later.

The story begins here. The story as told from a perspective no in my mind, but in the mind of you. I guess it was all about to begin that summer day. That one summer day… Naomi “Starfish” Findle

“I have to go.”
That was the first thing that he whispered as he walked into the door. Naomi sat in a chair, picking at a basket her mother had weaved. He was dressed in armor, and stood in front of Naomi in a way that said he was still her friend. Not too tall, but not slouched. He held a soft smile that made her eyes begin to water.
“Why?” Naomi questioned. He wasn’t supposed to go. He was her knight, her protector. She would be all alone.
“I have to go because they called me off to duty. It is my right to protect the Emporor and I deserve to help out my country as much as I can.”
Naomi felt a warm tear drop out of her eye. She shivered as it rolled down her cheek and into his palm. She looked up into his brown eyes. She tried to say something. She could only force a smile.
“Naomi… I know I promised… but I’ll be back soon. I promise!”
She looked down. She didn’t know what trust was. She had never lost trust, yet she wasn’t quite sure she had gained any either.
“Wait…” she mumbled. He looked at her soft green eyes and watched as she raised them from the ground. He stopped smiling and kneeled down so she could look into his face without turning her whole head upwards.
“Keiichi… I…”
He struggled to keep a serious face, and began to show signs of pain and sorrow.
“I just… I want to say…”
He gulped and looked at her as she spoke, his hand becoming sweaty.
“If you were to never come back… what would you do?”
He looked at her tear streamed face and turned away, trying to hold back tears of his own. Keiichi struggled, then finally replied.
“I… I don’t know.”
Naomi couldn’t speak. She didn’t know if he loved her or not. She had meant to ask him if he did, but it hadn’t come out. He looked just as confsed as she did. He then grabbed his helmet and started out of the door and out to his horse. She ran after him to the doorway, where she saw him ride away. He hadn’t said anything more. He just left. She saw the last of his horse’s figure cross the hilltops into the horizon when she turned back into her house again.
“I love you…”

She woke up, her face covered with sweat. She moved around, making sure she wasn’t dead and noticed she was still on the make-shift bed that she had setup inside the old cabin. She removed the cloth from the floor and rolled it up. She looked into the cracked mirror while doing so. All she saw was the reflection of a dirty, lost, young girl. She had long reddesh-blonde hair, freckles, and very light emerald-green eyes. She knew this was what she was. Who she was.
“I’m…” she struggled. She closed her eyes and tried to remember. “Naomi…” she whispered. She then continued to pack her bag as she slid more of the scattered belongings inside it. She stood, her short skirt falling at her sides once more and she approached the old, dusty cabin. She then opened the crooked door and stepped outside.
It was a while before she knew the right path. The emporor’s army had headed this way and she was sure of it. She nodded to herself and began down the path. As she walked on, she spotted some very peculiar little shrines lying in the grass. She smiled, thinking they must be houses for fairies.
She spotted a forest path up ahead. It had to be the right way… it was… the only way down the path.
“They must have passed through here…”

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