Facebook Addict: A New WarCry Feature


Social networking sites like Bebo, MySpace and Facebook are packed to the rafters with users connecting to one another. Posting stories, writing on each other’s ‘walls’, showing off the latest photos have captured our attention and site memberships have exploded. Lately, however, our minds have started to wander and hooking up with an old friend just isn’t enough anymore. We want something to -do- and, luckily enough, social networking games have begun to crop up. Games like Mafia Wars, Knighthood, Uno and hundreds more are now flourishing and new development studios are appearing to bring us even more hours of diversion(see last week’s revelation of Detonator Games).

You play them. You know you do. It doesn’t take many months of membership on Facebook for a game to grab your attention as your friends pester you with “join my fellowship/Mafia/(insert name here) requests. So WarCry wants to know: What makes these games so addictive? Why are they so damn fun? Why do we keep coming back for more? Who are the folks who make them?

Starting tomorrow, WarCry will introduce “Facebook Addict” to give you a closer look at the people who make the games we so dearly love to play and a look at the games themselves. We’ll have reviews, studio interviews and more over the next little while. So sit back, use that Mafia Wars energy pack (WHY only once every 23 hours?) and enjoy the ride! You won’t be sorry!

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