How many times have you been busy chasing treasure in Uncharted 2 when you realized that it’s been an hour since you checked your Facebook page? Well, if the rumors are true, the next PlayStation 3 firmware update will solve that problem for you.

ScrawlFX posted pictures gleaned from the UK Playstation website which seem to indicate Facebook integration in the next firmware update. Also shown in the three pictures is the ability to change the color of your gamercard and a more efficient way of viewing photos in a grid. The pictures have since been removed and there is no comment from Sony as to their authenticity.

Admittedly, I’m not the target audience for social networking sites (check out my Myspace page!) but this attempt feels like Sony is doing too little, too late. Microsoft’s Xbox Live arguably kicked the PlayStation Network’s keister in the depth of service, and Felicia Day already famously announced Facebook and Twitter on XBLA at E3 2009, with both services debuting on November 19th. A mere rumor of the same thing coming to the PlayStation Network does not color me impressed.

Added to the fact that Sony was late to offer Netflix to its customers with a weak disc integration, and it’s hard to deny that Sony is consistently chasing its competitors with inferior band-aid services. I, for one, would be excited for them to devote their resources to producing something that Xbox Live didn’t offer.

On the other hand, the apparent myriad of colors with which you can personify your gamercard is extraordinary. Do you mean that I can choose from twenty different hues? Amazing!

Source scrawlfx

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