Failoc-alypse: A Hot New Game From Blizzard!


Forget StarCraft 2! The next big thing from Blizzard is already here and it’s a Failoc-alypse!

The Failocs are coming and only you can stop them! Select one of three unique heroes to make a desperate last stand against the onrushing horde. With a full four directions of movement plus the ability to jump and utilize special attacks, you have an awesome arsenal at your disposal, but beware! As your character levels up, the Failocs will spawn quicker and move faster, presenting a never-ending challenging for even the most savvy and battle-hardened gamer!

And I do mean “never-ending,” because as far as I can tell, the game never ends. No matter how many you kill, more will come; no matter how many you let pass, more will want to go wherever it is they’re going. There is no respite! There is no end! There is only Failoc-alypse!

The game appears simple at first blush but players are encouraged to read the instructions, which are packed with useful tidbits of information. “Learn the enemy’s pattern to defeat him,” the guide recommends, noting further that “there is no pattern.” Gamers are also advised to learn an instrument.

Intrigued? You should be! Check out the hottest new thing from Blizzard since the last one right here – And keep your eyes peeled for the secret cow level!

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