e3 2014

Far Cry 4: See the First Five Minutes – Update Gameplay!


Far Cry 4 opens with a border crossing gone wrong. Update: Co-op, even with PS4 friends that don’t own the game.

Ubisoft opened their conference with the intense opening minutes and an already memorable antagonist for their upcoming Far Cry 4. The game has plenty of features from the previous incarnations in the franchise. Taking over outposts, hunting, and using a variety of vehicles return, but players will have lots of new toys to do this. Riding elephants, using grappling hooks, free falling with wing suits. Far Cry has always encouraged exploration, but the vertical setting of the Himalaya’s will force player to climb and fall all over the environment. Players can also engage in all-out shooting, stealth, or sniping and can use the animals to their advantage. It’s all the stuff we loved about Far Cry 3, only more insane. I guess that’s because we’re doing this all over again?

Update: At the Sony press conference, a new gameplay trailer was shown, including seamless integration from single-player to co-op and only on PlayStation, you can invite friends to play even if they don’t have the game.


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