Ponies? So last year, I mean, like, totally last year. Arcade cabs are where it’s at for 2009.

A doting father has built a custom arcade cabinet for his young daughter, Bella. The cab is 20% smaller than normal, making it just the right height for the creator’s four-year-old daughter. Inside is a Windows 98 machine, running a custom MAME, skinned with a personalized theme. The cab has 250 classic games to play, including Ms. Pac-Man and Mr. Do’s Castle, and while it doesn’t need change to work, the coin box acts as a piggy bank!

The cab is the result of more than two years’ work, and the amount of care and love that went into making it is simply extraordinary. Apparently, it’s a big hit with little Bella as well. If I had kids, I’d be feeling pretty inadequate right now.

All the details of the construction can be found here.

Source: Kotaku

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